NATURAL ANABOLICS: A Guide To Natural Anabolic Pathways & Supplements

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NATURAL ANABOLICS: A Guide To Natural Anabolic Pathways & Supplements

5 ratings

Are you a natural bodybuilder but you wish you could "enhance" your ability to gain muscle and get stronger without having to take Anabolic Steroids or other PEDs?

Do you wish you could optimize your lifestyle, training and diet for optimal muscle growth, physical performance hormonal homeostasis and overall health?

Are you already enhanced but wish you could find a 100% safe way to gain even more muscle and retain your gains between cycles?

If your answer to any of these questions is "YES", then you have come to the right place.

NATURAL ANABOLICS is the only e-book that will teach you what physiological processes the body uses to build muscle, and how you can optimize them by fine-tuning your lifestyle and taking the right natural anabolic supplements.

Who Is This EBook For?

Even though this e-book is about NATURAL anabolic supplements, this is an e-book that every single bodybuilder on the face of the planet (NATURAL or ENHANCED and MALE or FEMALE) can learn a lot from.

  • Are you NATURAL and you just want to grow faster while staying "natty"? This is for you.
  • Are you NATURAL and you just hit a plateau? This e-book will teach you how to break through it without having to use drugs.
  • Are you NATURAL wishing to get enhanced, but you aren't quite ready to make the transition yet? This e-book will show you dozens of PED alternatives that can build muscle in a safe & natural way.
  • Are you ENHANCED but want to build even more muscle / retain gains between cycles without getting more side-effets? This e-book will teach you exactly how to do that.

Here's What You Will Learn:

  • What the Androgen Receptor pathway is and how you can increase your Testosterone and androgen receptor density naturally to build as much muscle as possible with your natural "steroid" hormones!
  • How a protein called Myostatin is limiting your ability to get huge and how you can reduce it with natural supplements and lifestyle changes.
  • How the mysterious mTOR pathway contributes to muscle growth and what key supplements you can take to increase mTOR signaling.
  • What role Estrogen plays in muscle growth and how you can stimulate estrogen-beta receptors with natural, legal insect & plant steroids like Turkesterone and Ecdysterone.
  • How to improve your insulin sensitivity to gain more muscle, lose more fat and improve your overall health and well-being with just a few dietary changes and natural supplements.
  • How to ramp up your Growth Hormone and IGF-1 production to build more muscle, recover faster, sleep better and look younger without compromising your health or having to resort to peptide injections.
  • How to reduce stress, improve blood flow, modulate inflammation and energize your cells for better gains, crazier pumps and improved performance.

No more wasting hours on google trying to find coherent information about how to build more muscle safely and naturally...

No more money wasted on ineffective, overly-marketed supplements!

This e-book will tell you what supplements have been scientifically shown to build muscle so that you know exactly what supplements to take and what to avoid, saving you tons of money in the long run.

Click on "I WANT THIS" to invest in yourself and your physique today!

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